grammm Files gives you unrestricted and secure access to shared documents and data from the office or on the road.

Make sure your data storage and maintenance complies with legal data retention requirements with grammm Files.

Secure, easy, and flexible ways to share, collaborate, and sync files and folders. You can share public links to files or folders with an expiration date and password. So you can work collaboratively with others at any time.

With the accompanying increase in productivity, you can do more. By preventing you from working on documents in different versions at the same time in your company.

With the help of real-time collaboration – also integrated with grammm Meet, you lay the groundwork for fast and effective results.

grammm Files stores data in your own infrastructure while being available according to your rules as a cloud solution. When using the grammm Files Desktop Client, it is automatically synchronized with your data. The central, consistent database is accessed here.

Mobile apps allow you to access your data at any time, even when you are on the road. With the trend towards “agile tribes”, grammm Files creates optimal exchange of documents between people who collaborate irregularly, regularly or distributed.

The integrated versioning enables you to keep track of all activities and work steps of the jointly developed files. You can understand this at any time and, if necessary, fall back on previous revisions.

The comment feature allows you to leave simple sharing of thoughts, and with the comments, you can also leave corresponding meta-data about important documents, images, videos and more.

The integrated search helps you to sift through even very large databases. This means that you do not lose control of the content and you can manage complex data structures yourself.